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Healing Herpes With Self-Love

When I was a boy we lived in the Ghettoes of Toronto, Canada. We had just immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago. My mother struggled to raise four of us on a waitress' salary. There was chaos and self-destruction all around us. Many of my playmates are no longer among the living. But none of this touched us- we were living a different life. My mother was a church-lady. She was strong and resilient and strict. All of us grew up in the church. The church kept us insulated from most of the horrors ...
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Lifting for the Love of It!

Over the last couple of years I have taken a number of layoffs, for a variety of different reasons. Many times I wonder why I lift at all. The prevailing belief is that lifting must be one’s top priority if one is to be the best at it. That may be true and that is one of the biggest problems I have had. Lifting is not my top priority, it is more like fourth after God, family, and work. Actually work is only ahead of lifting because I need it to support my family, otherwise it would be further ...
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You Don't Have to Like Your Body to Love It!

Copyright 2005 Lori Radun I want you to think about your body as one of your children or someone else you love dearly. When was the last time this person did or said something that really made you mad? In that moment, you might have been thinking •I really don’t like this person right now.” However, did his behavior cause you to stop loving him? Absolutely not! My teenager regularly acts in a way that I do not like, but I still love him. I will protect him, do what I think is best ...
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Never Fall In Love!

Recently I watched my favorite football team lose a vital game. I simply love this team. I became so emotional about it; I thought •…this isn't good for my health”. Can you believe that, but that's how we get when we are passionate. I simply couldn't believe (I didn't want to believe) they could lose. However, as a committed fan, I was going all the way with them. If they were going down, I was going down with them. After all, you don't give up on your team simply because they don't ...
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Love the thrill of risk? Invest in an Annuity!

---------------------------------------------------------- Permission is granted for the below article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made and the byline, copyright, and the resource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- Love the thrill of risk? Invest in an Annuity! By Stephen Bucaro With the stock market in steep decline, people are ...
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/p> THE EVER POPULAR MAGAZINE - WHY DO WE LOVE IT SO? Ah, the magazine. Most of us have at least one subscription and many of us have more. In addition, if you are like most people, you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your magazine each month, or every few months, depending on how often it comes. But, why have magazines become some popular? How did they manage to slowly but surely creep into almost everyone every aspect of our lives? Magazine Subscription Services Magazine subscription ...
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Mother Love

Scientific studies conclude something mothers everywhere have always intuitively known - that the unique love they have for their offspring is vitally important to their development. A mother's love and nurturing even directly impacts the biological development of the child's brain and central nervous system. In effect, mother and child are "hard-wired" for mutual love. The brain is like a template designed to await molding by its early environment. One researcher even wrote that hugs and ...
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Love Making

Sexual relations can foster union and harmony if a couple is kind to each other throughout the day and also learns some simple love-making techniques to create peace and satisfaction in their sex life. We can think of sexual relations as a balancing of the male and female energies. The most satisfying lovemaking does not end in sexual explosion. It ends in peace. For this kind of balance and peace to arise, time is required. If intercourse lasts at least half an hour, with deep, gentle ...
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Wedding Party Favors - Expressing Your Love With a Gift

Wedding party favors can include any number of items. Traditionally used as a token of thanks given to the entire retinue of guests at your nuptials, wedding party favors are usually small items given universally to all your guests. But some couples like to give special wedding party favors to those family members and friends specifically in the wedding party. So how do you choose wedding party favors for your more intimate allies? At a time when your brain is being used to capacity in ...
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Perfumes and the Women Who Love Them

If it is Valentine's Day, then many men resort to flowers or candy to show the women in their lives just how much they really care. For the bigger holidays such as birthdays or Christmas, men typically reach a bit deeper into their pockets for the larger ticket items such as jewelry or perfume. But the reason why so much perfume is sold in any given year has far more to do with hormones and the feelings created by certain scents than by the gift-giving rationale of men. Perfumes, colognes, and ...
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