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SoulCollage- Fall in Love With Yourself!

Do you love to cut pictures out of magazines? Are you curious about the rainbow of possibilities inside of you? Then you will love SoulCollage®! What is SoulCollage? SoulCollage® is a unique blend of spiritual practice and the fun of collage. It was created by Seena Frost ( in 1989 as she worked with friends and clients in her therapy practice in California. Each card in a SoulCollage® deck represents and honors one of the following facets of my unique life: a voice that ...
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Learn these feng shui love tips and improve your love life

Whether you wish to achieve feng shui love balance or improve your love life through feng shui, here we will detail some of the most important guidelines for you to succeed at it. These feng shui love guidelines must be applied according to each particular situation and wish. The first feng shui love guideline you should follow is to clean up your bedroom. Your bedroom shouldn't be untidy since that would slow down or stuck the energy flow in it. Energy should flow freely and with energy within ...
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Seven Games Dogs Just Love To Play

Have you ever wonder why some dogs seem to be so happy and playful even up to their twilight years? The answer is not far from reach. If your dog is given an environment that arouses his curiosity yet not over stimulating, chances you’ll have a very a happy, healthy and emotional stable dog. I’m not talking about throwing some dog toys for him to self-entertain, and thinking that he’ll be so indebted to you. On the contrary, you’re doing injustice to his creativity to play. One of the ...
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Signs That Someone You Love Is Depressed

Depression is something that many people face throughout their lives. There are many causes and even more ways in which it can effect an individual. No matter what type of depression someone has, though, they need to seek treatment for it. As someone looking into their world, you may not notice it right away. But, there are some signs and symptoms that can tell you to start paying attention a little better. Here are some things to watch for in those that you love. If you see any of these things ...
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Drug Addiction - Drugs Don't Love You Anymore

/p> When we think of drug addiction, we simply think of somebody who's gotten accustomed to taking an addictive substance and can't stop. But what causes this addiction, what is the force behind it. For instance, what is the thing which makes the user go back time and time again to use more and more drugs. What we want to know is, why can't they just stop? It is now believed that what drugs do is tamper with the brains way of working. Try and imagine all of the things in life, the things we ...
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Charisma, Love and Health

This is an amazing story. It's about my friend Robert. Robert is one of those really charismatic people. You know the kind I mean. Wherever he goes, people are just drawn to him, its truly a sight to behold. At dinner the other night, Robert's charm drew the waiters in and they conversed with him a great deal. However, when I spoke up, the waiters didn't seem to pay much attention. They may have even been a little dismissive. It was as if the only person at the table was Robert. The difference ...
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Love Yourself First - I'm Happy. You're Happy. We're All Happy.

As a teenager growing up reading 'Blue Jeans' and 'Jackie', it occurred to me that just one piece of advice was the answer to all the problems in a teenaged girl’s world: Love yourself and everything will be fine. Problem was, I didn’t really ‘get’ what that meant. By 16, I’d worked out that it was all to do with self-acceptance and being happy with who you are. But that’s not the whole story, is it? The penny finally dropped a couple of years ago; a tad embarrassing since it seems ...
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I Love My Glyconutrients

I Love My Glyconutrients In today’s modern world most people, like us, just do not feel well and have no energy! Everybody around us is either getting sick, has some terrible disease or is dying! What in the world is going on, why is all this stuff happening to us, and what can we do about it? This world that we live in is becoming more diseased every day. Thirty to forty years ago society suffered from four known autoimmune diseases. However, now we suffer from over eighty, isn't that ...
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Balancing Wisdom & Love

The light & energy template, which I work with on the body, connects the head with the heart. Doing this energy work alignment, balances wisdom with love. When these two chakras are connected up and balancing one another, it is so much easier to see and feel negative beliefs pop up and make a play for overtaking your body. The grace of being able to feel that vast abundance of universal love is truly a blessing. All too often the mind will run it's negative programs of fear and lack. Sometimes ...
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The Frequency of Love

There’s a new channel playing all throughout the galaxies, ringing crystal clear through the messenger of light, zinging all up & down the multiverses. Now that the connection has been activated, into the new energy, we have our own personal connection through the Universal Calibration Lattice®. Do you want to play that channel? Do you want to feel the full import of your power in these times of enormous change? In order to do this, we have to release the old program of fear, lack, worry, ...
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